Road to Home Ownership

How We Work With You


What we do prior to beginning your search
We need to get clear about your objectives and your qualifications to buy. “Creating a Wish List”. Communicate a list of the items you can and cannot live without.


How we search for your home
+ door knock, implement property search/collections,
+ send personalized letters
+ agent networking tool, social media
Generate as many off market opportunities as possible while being first to see newly listed homes


What we do once we identify the property
+ We structure a compelling offer through
– Purchase Price
– Escrow Length
– Contingency Periods
– Buyer letter
– Proof of funds
– Loan approval letter

The Negotiation–3 Steps
+ Escrow timeline and setting expectations

***Buyer’s Agent fee is compensated through the Seller

Pre-Approval Process

1. Meet with a lender to determine your purchase power                        2. There are several types of loans and repayment methods available                      3. Your choice is a function of your personal situation and income.




of any change in employment, income and asset status



- cars, furniture, appliances

- make large deposits into your account that aren’t payroll related


What a lender looks at
- Debt
- FICO Score
- Gross Income
- Cash Down–Payment

Documents Required
- Proof of Income
- Proof of Employment
- Bank–Account Information
- Credit Information and much more


Once You Find A Home

Review options & strategies with your agent
Agent to prepare a purchase agreement
Offer presented to seller’s agent
 Agent to negotiate on your behalf to get your offer accepted. May include several counter offers between you and seller


We highly recommend a professional home inspector conduct a thorough inspection. The inspector’s job is to provide an in–depth analysis of the property condition and recommend any repairs so that you can continue to make an informed decision.

Request for repairs
+ The physical inspection may reveal repairs that incur more costs
+ You will have an opportunity to request that the seller either makes these repairs to provide a credit for the repairs
+ The seller may agree, reject, or negotiate your request for repairs

Escrow - Once an Offer is Accepted

Escrow Period–Typically written as a number of days from acceptance and usually anywhere from 30-45. A specific date may also be requested.

Day 0
Acceptance date.

Day 1
Schedule property inspections (general, sewer + termite) and deliver all documentation to
the lender.

Day 1–3
Initial deposit ( typically 3% of purchase price) to be delivered by check or wired to escrow.

Physical Contingency Date: The date by which the buyer must complete their inspections, review seller disclosures + reports and accept the property condition as-is or make a request for repairs or credit. This is usually completed 17 days from acceptance.

Day 3
Appraisal should be ordered by lender, disclosures are delivered from the seller, escrow paperwork is delivered for buyer’s review and completion.

Day 10–17
Review inspections, ask any questions regarding seller disclosures, and negotiate repairs and/ or credits based on the condition of the home.

Appraisal Contingency Date: Professional home appraiser will determine the value of the home. The date by which the appraisal must be completed and accepted by the lender. This is usually completed 17 days from acceptance.

Day 17-21
Physical contingencies typically run through the first 17 days of escrow. Loan continues typically run through the first 21 days.

Loan Contingency Date: The date by when the lender will need to provide the buyer with written approval of the loan so the buyer can remove the loan contingency by on this date. This is usually completed 21 days from acceptance.

Day 20–27
Loan documents are delivered to escrow and they will schedule an appointment with the buyer(s) to sign all documents at their office.

Day 25–27
Buyer’s final closing funds are delivered to escrow.

Day 25
Buyer’s final walk through of the property.

Day 29
Lender delivers the funds for the loan to escrow.

Day 30
Escrow closes, title is recorded and keys are delivered.


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Work With Us

Helping our clients achieve their specific goals, no matter what they may be, is the foundation of our business. We focus on successfully guiding our clients through the home buying or selling process while protecting their interests at all times.